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First Three Things You Should Do In A Security Breach

With the ever-growing number of cyber attacks, it is imperative for all businesses to have a plan in place in case of a security breach. This plan is known as an incident response, and the aim of this plan is to identify the attack, contain it, and then eradicate it. Security breaches can sometimes be avoided by performing a vulnerability assessment to identify and evaluate potential weaknesses and threats in their information technology systems, networks and applications. 

When planning your incident response, it is important to know what to do when a security breach happens. Here are the first three things you should do in a security breach.


First THREE things you should do in a security breach

  1. Survey the damage. First, it’s important to survey the damage. When you discover there has been a security breach, your security team should perform an internal investigation to discover the full impact of the breach, or hire a cyber security expert.  This investigation should help the company find the attacker and all security vulnerabilities. Once that information is discovered, your security team can make the necessary improvements to the company systems.
  2. Limit further damage. Next, It is important to limit further damage. This should happen in tandem with making improvements to the company systems. There are many ways to limit the damage, including rerouting network traffic, filtering or blocking traffic, and isolating parts of the compromised network.
  3. Take notes on what happened. Finally, Once the threat has been neutralized, it is important to record the details of the breach. The details should be extensive, and they should include the nature of the breach, what actions were taken to respond to the breach, and potential ways to prevent a similar breach in the future. Be sure to add the affected systems, compromised accounts, and disruptive services to the record log of the incident.


 The frequency of security breaches is growing every day, and for this reason, it’s imperative for all businesses to have a security assessment and incident response plan to proactively address security risks and improve their overall security posture, protecting sensitive data, intellectual property, and avoiding costly security breaches and downtime. This is best performed by a cyber security expert who can not only prevent major attacks, but can be first to respond should an attack happen. 

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