What is a Virtual CISO?

Handling cybersecurity can be overwhelming. Many business teams do not feel well-equipped to handle the challenge. Especially with the range of new regulations, it can be much easier to hire a virtual CISO than to try to handle it yourself.

What is a virtual CISO?

A virtual chief information security officer, or virtual CISO, is a person or organization that helps other organizations protect their data, people, and infrastructure. A virtual CISO is a security expert who builds a cybersecurity program for their clients. Not every business needs a CISO, but if your security plan is to wait for problems, that can be the end of your company.’’

The main benefit of a virtual CISO is that it helps protect your organization. Most organizations have personnel or contractors that handle technical security, but you still need the same thing for cybersecurity.

You may even need to hire a virtual CISO to take over when an organization’s CISO leaves. In cases like this, the organization needs a qualified person to manage security, but they have not found a replacement yet. The virtual CISO can take over, whether the existing CISO left for a temporary or permanent time length. As a bonus, the virtual CISO can improve their company and give an outside perspective on your security protocol.

As the internet matures, cybersecurity becomes a necessity for any business that operates online, from sending emails to having a full check-out system. While many businesses choose to wait until there is a problem before investing in a CISO, it’s better to be proactive. Securewon can help your company stay within government security regulations as well as protect your employees and customers from security attacks.