Catastrophic Cyberattacks Expected To Ramp Up

Catastrophic cyberattacks are expected to ramp up in the next few years. “The most striking finding that we’ve found,” is that 93 percent of cyber leaders, and 86 percent of cyber business leaders, believe that the geopolitical instability makes a catastrophic cyber event likely in the next two years. This far exceeds anything that we’ve seen in previous surveys.” 

A particularly frustrating element to cyberattacks is the random havoc they can wreak on the populace: Jurgens referred to a recent attempted shutdown of Ukrainian military communications, which also disrupted some of Europe’s electric grid. Experts say that these latest international concerns are starting to renew interest in cybersecurity. These attacks will also affect individual companies and can cause a plethora of issues within an operating system, that sometimes are not repairable without a proper cybersecurity infrastructure in place. 

Is Your Company At Risk 

The main purpose of cybersecurity is to understand, manage, control, and mitigate the risk to your organization’s critical assets. 

To understand if your cybersecurity is adequate, you must have a vulnerability assessment performed to identify and evaluate potential weaknesses and threats in your information technology systems, networks and applications. This helps the company to proactively address security risks and improve their overall security posture, protecting sensitive data, intellectual property, and avoiding costly security breaches and downtime. SecureWon is the optimal choice for security and vulnerability assessments. 

With the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks, it is important to keep your business safe and protected. Assessing your IT security regularly is one major component of security. If you are looking for a technology company that can help you find the best solution for your business. SecureWon has many ways to help keep your business safe.  

SecureWon is at its core a national technology services company. What separates us from other technology service providers is our commitment to providing superior documentation and accurate reporting of your organization’s security posture. This attention to detail and quality of our services is what drives us. Contact us today for a free assessment of your technology infrastructure.